Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights



Friday March 8th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 7:00PM | $15 | 21+

Moon Presence / Mortwight / Assorted Potions

It has been one half-year since the warhorns were first sounded, calling practitioners of all dark musickal arts to The Tiny Minotaur for Dungeon Synth Nights; the battlehordes descend from each corner and every coast of this cursed country, heeding the call for the inaugural Texas Dungeon Siege -- before their arrival, we honor those stalwarts whose tireless efforts these preceding years have formed the foundation for the cause's vanguard. We raise our cups to this Texas trio, committed from the start and dedicated to the final victory of this creative endeavor, and celebrate the world's very first Texas Dungeon Synth By Synthwest: a valiant defense of the Austin stronghold against throngs of visitors from the Normal realms.

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by TMDSN006 Performers

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