TMDSN007: Steeped Sky (4/5/24)

Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights
007: Steeped Sky
DIM / Hexpartner / Illuminator
Friday April 5th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 7:00PM
$20 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX


The one and only DIM visits The Tiny Minotaur on the second stop of their Steeped Sky Tour, the very first live manifestation of the inimitable project, for the seventh occurrence of Dungeon Synth Nights. Joined on this momentous occasion by Texas's own Hexpartner and Illuminator, it is destined to be a night of spectacular beauty.

There are few artists more revered in the modern dungeon synth scene than DIM. Across the course of their initial Compendium series of releases, the enigmatic project laid the foundation for a sound that would influence legions before exploring even grander concepts and denser, more lived-in aural worlds on subsequent releases The Holy Crag, Steeped Sky, and the most recent Parachrism, all albums with a sacral grace and mysterious aura perhaps too singular and profound to be recreated contemporaneously by any other. With the utmost honor and excitement we welcome DIM to our lands, and hope it to be only the first of many such visits.

Two of Texas Dungeon Synth's finest practitioners of dark, divine live incantations and conjurations will open the proceedings -- Hexpartner with their ethereal choral pall and Illuminator with their forest hermit monasticism. / / /

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