TXDS: Elyvilon

Our next featured artist for Texas Dungeon Siege 2024 is Elyvilon.

Can you hear it? The thrum of drums, not crafted by human hands, deep in the dark heart of the forest. Follow the secret paths, untrod by human feet, and you might cast a furtive glance upon the creatures that abide there as they practice their trollish sorceries and prepare for the end of the age of man, when the forest shall reclaim the world. Fortunately, those attending TXDS 2024 need not make such a perilous journey, for out of the woods comes Elyvilon, down to Austin to sound the fae horns of war. Elyvilon’s brand of fantasy synth music is percussive and powerful and we are honored to have them join us for the inaugural edition of Texas Dungeon Siege!

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