Unofficial SXSW (3/12/24)

Unofficial SXSW
Ak'Chamel / Nøkken / Ravnblod
Tuesday March 12th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 7:00PM
$15 / 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX

The peculiar Austin tradition of South By Southwest brings strange visitors from realms far and wide to the Capital Province which feeds into our Rift. None, we dare say, as strange as the vagabond duo Ak'Chamel, who have marked The Tiny Minotaur as a launching point for their latest caravan, with further dates across the west and pacific northwest.

They have been known by many names in many places -- Givers of Illness; Bringers of Plague; Bandylegged Riders of the Ill-Promised Sun; Crazed and Sunchalked Bones of Vanished Hordes -- and their forays throughout the blasted realms of Texas and, recently, abroad have made them no strangers to lands both fantastic and desolate. Honed and expanded through their travels, Ak'Chamel's truly singular sound, comprising desert-baked psychedelia, post-apocalyptic shamanism, ritual folk, and war-torn drone ambience, is as unique as the physical theater of their otherworldly live performances.

A pair of local solo incanters, Ravnblod and Nøkken, will set the stage for the plague-ridden merchants of Ak'Chamel, both of menacing, darkened auras and wielding stringed instruments designed to lure or otherwise enchant innocent bystanders into awed fascination. / / /

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