THEDUNGEON: New Inventory Add & TXDS Performers Sale / ENGRAVEN: New Releases

The horns of war sound out across the plains, calling forth legions for the inaugural Texas Dungeon Siege! 

To honor the horde, all releases by TXDS performers in The Dungeon inventory will be 25% off until the festival dates (applies at checkout).

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1st Edition DIY runs of Illuminator's new full-length, Veriditas, and Apoxupon's Revived reissue now available online on tape + CD through Engraven

Wrought by hand and proliferated right here in The Dungeon, just in time for last Friday's Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Night 004: Healing Spell. Limited to x25 hand-numbered copies of each form

Those have been added to the inventory along with recent releases from allies Realm & Ritual and Voices of the Ainur

Full list of additions:
The Adventures of Firbruth - A Dream of Quaint Lands (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Angel - Songs of the Return (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Apoxupon - Revived (Engraven - Tape/CD)
Castlerock - Order of the Golden Kite (Realm & Ritual - Tape)
Dragon Tomes - The Dragoness and the Tower (Realm & Ritual - Tape)
Hewer of Caves - Cutting of the Calyx (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Hyblon - Sikeloi (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Illuminator - Veriditas (Engraven - Tape/CD)
Leander - On the Hall Hill (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Medieval Rites - The Greenwood Realm (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Nahadoth - Drought (Drones) / Crystalline Bunker (Realm & Ritual - Tape)
Terratulia - Terratulia Tidings (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Trembling Altars - Apocalyptic Rites of the Cannibal Queen (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)

Onward through MMXXIV, the Year of Dungeon Synth
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