THEDUNGEON: New Inventory Add / ENGRAVEN: New Releases

Honored to be stocking:
-- A whole trove of Moonworshipper's trademark ferocious black metal and killer dungeon synth releases on record, tape, & cd, courtesy of the most admirable and esteemed @lord__bill
-- A very special batch of tapes from dearest friend @thewillowtea featuring several of their enchantingly beautiful releases on tape, lovingly handmade exclusively for The Dungeon (only x2 copies exist of each one!)
-- The excellent upcoming batch of releases from the mighty @barrow_hoard_records proliferated and wrought by hand right here in The Dungeon (available here shortly after their official release on 2/23)
-- Cherished ally @realmandritual final releases of 2023 (here's to so many exciting plans for 2024!)
-- Some leftover DIY Mortwight promo tapes made collaboratively here in The Dungeon and by @mortwight in Denton, in support of @thetinyminotaur Dungeon Synth Nights: Dark Solstice show in December MMXXIII
-- The latest releases from @engravenrecords, all proudly waving the warbanner of Austin, TX, proliferated and wrought by hand on tape & cd DIY right here in The Dungeon:
EGVN017 Goblet Grotto - Bornless Winter (immaculate, tender fantasy/comfy synth)
EGVN018 Lost Tales - Strathsongs (field recordings and comfy acoustic guitar/mellotron sketches)
EGVN019 @assortedpotions - i (whimsical, adventurous comfy/fantasy synth)

Hail DIY
Eternally grateful to you all for your support
Onward into this Year of The Dungeon, MMXXIV

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