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Various Artists - You Wake up in a Crypt [Dungeon Synth] (CD - Barrow Hoard - 2023)

Various Artists - You Wake up in a Crypt [Dungeon Synth] (CD - Barrow Hoard - 2023)

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"They said these catacombs were haunted, and for the first stretch of our journey we acted as such. But leagues of dust and empty chambers have a way of dulling the mind, and our awe towards folk wisdom soon began to wear off.

We set up camp at the foot of a stone altar within what we thought was an abandoned chamber. Yet after a few hours of disquieting and troubled dreams, the silence was split by a shrill cackling, and upon opening our eyes, we were greeted by a ghastly sight. A green light illuminated the chamber, and a bony, desiccated hand emerged from the suddenly lidless coffin. It was then that we fully realized that the stories were not just legends - this crypt was haunted indeed.”

We're thrilled to present the latest Dungeon Synth compilation album by the sinister folk of Melkor’s DS Dungeon. Featuring 19 songs of horror and dread, our goal was to evoke fear in the hearts of fellow dungeon dwellers while simultaneously supporting a charitable cause. In this case, to support the medical bills of the acclaimed horror writer Laird Barron.

We want to give heartfelt thanks to all of the talented artists involved who have poured their creativity and passion into this collaborative album. May your reign in darkness be aeons long.

With love,
Elyvilon & Runesong

Produced and compiled by Elyvilon and Runesong.
Cover art by Brendan Elliott:
Mixing on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 17, and mastering by Tristan Feilla, in collaboration with Mark Stewart and Raydon Studio.

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