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Ushangvagush - Pestmo'qon [Atmospheric Black Metal] (Tape - Realm & Ritual - 2023)

Ushangvagush - Pestmo'qon [Atmospheric Black Metal] (Tape - Realm & Ritual - 2023)

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Pro-dubbed in Canada. Hand-numbered edition of 100 translucent blue cassettes with double-sided pad-print. Full-color 4-panel J-card.

Pestmo’qon is the second full-length release from indigenous black metal project Ushangvagush. Composed of a monolithic 45 minute track, Pestmo’qon ( “Starvation” in the Mi’kmaq language) is a dense slab of obsidian darkness lamenting man’s ongoing destruction of the earth and the complete disconnect between the human mind and the spirit of nature. Ushangvagush’s sole member, D, screams through grit teeth over furious guitars and pummeling drums, “scorch & take, doe, retreat back to the stolen world. the spirits no longer bathe. gatherers flown, fear for nothing. uncertainty awaits the putrid towers.” The raw anger only subsides in momentary waves throughout Pestmo’qon, with the last gasps of beauty fading in sun-laced ambient passages before being snuffed out and returning to bitter misery. Pestmo’qon is a painfully realized album, an immersive and emotive journey through destruction and loss–of nature and of culture–to the end of all things.

all instruments, recording & mixing by D.
with the exception of violin performed by audra sears
mastering by will killingsworth of dead air studios
cover art by obsidian pantheon
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