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Dark Ritual, The - Dark Ritual, The [Dungeon Synth] (Tape - Moonworshipper - 2023)

Dark Ritual, The - Dark Ritual, The [Dungeon Synth] (Tape - Moonworshipper - 2023)

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Limited to 100 copies.

The Dark Ritual delivers a truly remarkable debut of old school dungeon synth in its most unadulterated form, capturing both an unsettling and euphoric atmosphere. With melodies that flicker like candles in the window of abandoned tower, the album stays consistent in its familiar approach while simultaneously taking unexpected twists and turns throughout. Tracks such as “Betwixt and Between, an Impish Traveler” guide the listener on a fantastical journey through uncharted realms, while others like “An Acrid Figure” capture a dreadful sense of anxious nostalgia, like that of questioning the sinister intentions of the curious shadows on the wall after succumbing to the effects of cauldron fumes. This album is nothing short of essential for fans of the genre, as The Dark Ritual exemplifies the crucial and familiar features of dungeon synth while also presenting something entirely original.

Photographs by Andrew Wilcox and The Dark Ritual
Layout by The Dark Ritual
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Lervold

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