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Selvedge - Hunger Stones [Drone Ambient] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 4/20/20)

Selvedge - Hunger Stones [Drone Ambient] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 4/20/20)

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brand new super ferric tape in putty shell

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On the heels of deconstructed techno workout MUTINY comes SELVEDGE's second Mystic Timbre offering; HUNGER STONES is the result of a series of live improvisations captured in the fall of 2019, performed and edited into twelve mammoth slabs of raging, claustrophobic darkness by Lawrence, Kansas' Chance Dibben. Crackling electronics heave and sigh; thunderous percussion bangs out war marches in broken time; filters hollow out caverns from cracked rock; structures fall apart just as they are formed. These are the scars of violent struggle, messages scrawled on once-sunken rock forecasting strife, trial, and hunger -- the pains of unhindered progress, shared through generations by those who bear its brunt.

released April 20, 2020

Written / Performed / Produced by Chance Dibben
Mastering / Artwork by Anthony Pandolfino
Photography by Mandeville Thum (1857-1910) and Ben Hains (??-??)
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