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Roman Master - Death [Atmospheric Black Metal] (CD - Moonworshipper - 2023)

Roman Master - Death [Atmospheric Black Metal] (CD - Moonworshipper - 2023)

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Limited to 100 copies.

Like a reanimated corpse clawing through cobwebs, Roman Master emerges from the darkness with a brand new album, simply titled DEATH. While this isn’t necessarily a follow up to the 2018 tape of the same name, it certainly bears some likeness and consistencies. However, this new full length goes even further than before in encompassing the Roman Master style and exploiting it in its most pristine form. Offering both maniacal black metal and enchanting dungeon synth, Roman Master are in their absolute prime, leaving no stone unturned in delivering their iconic and unique sound. Sorrowful, angry, hideous and enthralling, DEATH yields the essence of true black metal, while ironically defying many standards of the respective genre.

This wretched and beautiful album is available as a digipak CD from Moonworshipper Records.

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