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Rog - Verdant [Forest Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 9/8/23)

Rog - Verdant [Forest Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 9/8/23)

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Hand-proliferated and enscrivened premium jewel case CD of Verdant, featuring brand new album artwork a lovely full-print disc design.

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Inspired by games like Stronghold, Fate, Heroes of Might and Magic V, and old Total War games, this album was made over a long period of time as a reflection on these inspiring titles, as well as an experimental journey of blending European and middle-eastern instruments within flowing melodies and rhythms. Building upon previous experiences and continuing with an open and creative mindset, the goal was to create a variety of tracks and moods which all fit into an adventurous, life-affirming canvas.

released September 8, 2023

All music by Rog.
Cover adapted from the painting A Stream through a Dense Forest (1884) by François-Louis Français.
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