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Lovi - Kirmukarmu [Forest Synth] (CD - Barrow Hoard - 2023)

Lovi - Kirmukarmu [Forest Synth] (CD - Barrow Hoard - 2023)

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Hand-proliferated and enscrivened premium jewel case CD of Kirmukarmu, featuring brand new album artwork by Juha Takalo and a lovely full-print disc design.

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With this album, I wanted to reach out my imagination, spirit and hand towards my ancestors and in specific; the area wherein I've grown... known as Häme, or more recently as Uusimaa. I felt it necessary to try and breathe life into the memory of those long gone and the lives they've lived.

Their songs, their deeds pulsate within the soil, that even concrete cannot hide. My urban dwelling, asphalt, the digital electro-currents... are but a continuum of the sacred tree. It's roots deep in my heart. The sap flowing through my fingers, dancing on the keyboard. I welcome you home, grandparents of old... let us laugh and cry.

- Otso

"Lovi is a good place to talk about medieval folk and its relation to fantasy ambient. Similar to Borg, Lovi explores dungeon synth outside of the castle catacombs and hallowed halls and in the wild and ancient forests. Kirmukarmu is this Finnish artists’ second release and continues the even more specific style of Nordic folk, which uses the sound to explore the traditions and sounds of Scandavian mythology and culture. Kirmukarmu comes to us from the mind and heart of Otso Mäensivu ,who lent his talents to the Finnish funeral doom band The Shape of Despair. Lovi might seem to have journeyed far from the bleak atmosphere of funeral doom, yet the craft and dedication of the artist is something that still lends itself to soft medieval folk. I have always believed medieval and Celtic folk to be inherently connected to the genre of dungeon synth and Kirmukarmu strengthens my belief."

- Jonathan Carbon / Invisible Oranges, June 15, 2021


Kirmukarmu is the name of a great warrior Chieftain from Häme region, according to Vesilahti oral tradition. He heard of a travelling monk who was converting people to christianity at his home area, so he ripped off the monk's arms and tortured him, before leaving to raid Novgorod. Returning from the failed expedition, Kirmukarmu was dissappointed with his gods. He found the monk to still be alive and strong in his faith, so the chieftain turned to christianity.
The album won't follow the story but aims to engulf us in the ancient times of the great Chieftain Kirmukarmu and the magical lush forests and lakes of the Häme region. Let us remember the glorious warriors that held foreign forces and religion at bay before being defeated and colonized during the northern crusades in the 12th century.

All music written and recorded by Otso Mäensivu.
Artwork created by Juha Takalo.
Sauna woodcut by Akseli Gallen-Kalela.
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