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Illuminator - Veriditas [Forest Synth] (CD - Engraven - 2024)

Illuminator - Veriditas [Forest Synth] (CD - Engraven - 2024)

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Printed disc + 2-panel inserts & traycard on colored paper + jewel case.
Duplicated, printed, assembled, and proliferated by hand in the dungeon.
Hand-numbered and limited to x25 copies.
Originally released at Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights 004: Healing Spell.

"When my limbs have fallen and my leaves wither and decay,
when my roots no longer draw sustenance from the soil
and sap no longer flows through my flesh,
the forest and the earth will repurpose me,
metabolize me.

The sky of my mind will no longer be clouded by realities embraced
and articulated by every firmly whispering cell of my body,
among them the following:

Somethings are beautiful because they persist
and somethings are beautiful because they do not

Even after this clearing reappears,
many mysteries will stand within it,
as witnesses whose work is not yet finished.
Among these mysteries is this:

Of which kind is light's beauty?"

Illuminator carries not only light, but a deep healing energy gained from a lifetime of solitary communion with the woods. Sacred vitality is found within the sounds of nature as the hermit bathes the senses and soothes the pilgrim soul in the mystic aura of monastic forest- and fantasy- inspired dungeon synth.

Follow and support Illuminator at the artist's page:

All music and words by Querrl
Photography by Jody Thruston
Mastering and layout/design by Anthony Pandolfino

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