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Halm - Fall of Weirdblade, The [Fantasy Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 12/13/22)

Halm - Fall of Weirdblade, The [Fantasy Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 12/13/22)

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A beautiful two-CD jewel case pack of Halm's mighty album "The Fall of Weirdblade" featuring incredible art and graphics created by the Swiss fine artist Nils Mosimann. This includes an an 8-page art booklet full of packed full of wonderful Halm concept and character sketches.

The new album in the Halm Saga.
96 minutes of fantasy synth. Please take your time and enjoy the ride.

It is a time of strife, dread and discovery

Beasts emerge from the deep forests, come down from the mountains and up from abyssal depths. Villages and hamlets disappear. Towns are destroyed. Wild sorcery floods the land and elder spirits awaken from realms of slumber.

Adventurers hunt after tales of fortune that lead them into the wilderness of the realm. Wayfarers seek out new passages and paths for trade and in the depths a cult is planing its rise.

The Empire of Ost and Westmark is at the brink of destruction. A cataclysmic civil war has ravaged the land and its peoples. The pariah champion Weirdblade rallies his chosen warriors at the city of Bronzehafen to defend its inhabitants from Ostwindbunds host. It is his home.
After 3 months they fall to a kill team comprised of the knightly houses best. They fall at Bronzehafens inner Gate of Time.

released December 13, 2022

THE FALL OF WEIRDBLADE is dedicated to the Defiant One, who is my Father, the Conqueror, who is the Spirit, the Sword, that is my Hand and Fire Eternal, who is my Love and Shield.
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