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Forlorn Aspect - Benthic Orations [Post Black Metal] (Tape - Engraven - 2024)

Forlorn Aspect - Benthic Orations [Post Black Metal] (Tape - Engraven - 2024)

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NAC ferric tape + 6-panel j-cards + norelco case.
Dubbed, printed, assembled, and proliferated by hand in the dungeon.
Limited to x25 copies.

"To partake in the hidden waters, you must discover what is beneath them."

Proceeding from the landlocked tectonic fury of last year's Visions of the Causal Source, Benthic Orations finds Forlorn Aspect invoking the deep wrath of primordial ocean waters. Culling the oldest, darkest trenches, miles-deep scars of ancient earth, they create a whirlpool of black metal and post-metal atmospherics that threatens to rise from the depths and swallow the world whole in its endless chasmal maw.

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E.O. - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synth, Production
J.E. - Synth, Programming, Vocals
B.F. - Drums
Mastered by J. Sjolin
Artwork and additional mastering by A. Pandolfino

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