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Fionas - Fionas [Punk Rock] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 2/17/20)

Fionas - Fionas [Punk Rock] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 2/17/20)

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brand new super ferric tape in white shell

Punk rock for when you're feeling good, bad (both ways), or decent. Fresh from a move south to Nashville, Dylan Ray spent two weeks yelling at the microphone held patiently in his girlfriend's hand and letting it all it out on his guitar while recording the self-titled album for his newly-formed band, The Fionas. The result is a record equal parts short-tempered punk and sweet, candy-coated power pop, a full set of bona fide rock songs for the hopelessly anxious and irritated romantics within us all to passionately shout.

released February 17, 2020

Written / Performed / Produced by Dylan Ray
Mastering / Artwork by Anthony Pandolfino
Photography by Sam Suprenaut
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