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Fencepost - Automata [Sound Collage] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 11/12/19)

Fencepost - Automata [Sound Collage] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 11/12/19)

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brand new super ferric tape in smoky tint shell

Contraption IX Ingemination IV played on Radio Free Midwich | episode twenty-eight (

Contraption X Ingemination V played on Anticipating Nowhere | #18 (

Contraption V Ingemination III played on Kites and Pylons Radio Show | 22nd December 2019 Mystic Timbre Guest Mix (

Contraption XII Ingemination VII played on Anticipating Nowhere | Mystic Timbre Tapes Special (

Arranged entirely from recordings made at the now-defunct Mechanical Music Museum in Northleach, UK, Fencepost's Automata is a hauntological document composed of clangorous, harmonic atmospherics and shimmering ambient radiance. Prior to its closure, the Museum housed a vast array of music-making devices, from the minute -- clinking-bell music boxes; chirping mechanized birds; automated clown figurines playing sad violin concertos -- to the large -- intricate player pianos propelled by sheets of music and pneumatic systems. Utilizing meticulous field recordings of the various contraptions manipulated by pitch shifting, layering, generative structural editing, and a variety of production effects, Automata captures the timbral soul of the shuttered museum's artifacts and preserves it long past the ringing of the last bell and final turn of the cogs, in its own eternal world of ghostly, droning electroacoustic soundscapes.

released November 12, 2019

Arranged / Produced by Fencepost
Mastering / Artwork by Anthony Pandolfino
Recorded at the Mechanical Music Museum, Northleach, UK
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