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Exquisite Ghost - Shrines [Wonky] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 6/6/19)

Exquisite Ghost - Shrines [Wonky] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 6/6/19)

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brand new super ferric tape in red tint shell

Real played on Turtle Island Radio Show | 2019.46 (

"The LP bears surprising sonic resemblances to his heroes: the skittering Evening evokes the most recent Flying Lotus album; the haunted, circling Loom could be a Nosaj Thing track; and Yacht Donuts is downright Dilla-esque ... Shrines is a varied, remarkable collection of recordings that demonstrate Thomas is able to replicate the sounds of a variety of forbearers with skill and top-notch production." - Stephen Carlick, Exclaim (

"If anything, Exquisite Ghost's productions offer a more nuanced and exploratory set of aesthetics than many dancefloor-focused DJs can provide. Echoes of J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Aphex Twin can be heard in his production style, but Thomas is crafting his own uniquely melodic and ethereal take on contemporary beat-making. Through an evolving set of sonic experiments, Exquisite Ghost brings a deft hand and hip-hop-inspired touch to his head-nodding and hypnotic compositions." - Jarrett Martineau, RPM (

"I have been exposed to some extent the rigor, the sheer amount of effort behind its creation, yet E. Ghost is not deluded about its proper use and neither should you be. Just put it on. It's an architecture. There's a sense of pristine spaciousness -- recalling FlyLo -- which pervades these soundscapes, and you've but to fill them out with yourself, your daily activities, daydreams ... This isn't to belie the obvious meticulousness of the record, nor to imply that it's per se lacking in beauty, interesting moments, exhilarating musical objects -- it's not. Only that I believe in the importance of nameless things, to which family these soundwares belong." - What Nature Cannot (

With his second Mystic Timbre full-length, Exquisite Ghost endeavors to carefully and studiously assemble a bouncing, beat-based album that draws equally from all strains of Winnipeg producer Jordan Thomas’s eclectic tastes. On Shrines, there are the skittering leftfield beats of debut album Lovelife, now joined with the exploratory spiritual musicality of John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra fusion outfit, the abstract architectural panache of Flying Lotus’s IDM, and the wonky, jilted geometry of the post-Dilla diaspora. Squelching aureate synths, smoky room jazz chill, headtrip sound collages, and neon woodland reverie abound on the resultant offerings.

released June 6, 2019

Written / Performed / Produced by Jordan Thomas
Mastering / Design by Anthony Pandolfino
Artwork by Morgan Soltes (
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