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Exquisite Ghost - Lovelife [Wonky] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 4/19/19)

Exquisite Ghost - Lovelife [Wonky] (Mystic Timbre - Tape - 4/19/19)

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brand new super ferric tape in orange shell

Tower of Ivory played on Turtle Island Radio Show | 2019.46 (

Cotocun GBA played on Anticipating Nowhere | Mystic Timbre Tapes Special (

LoveLife contains some of the oldest Exquisite Ghost cuts on record, with most tracks dating back to 2010-2012, preceding Shrines and well before Rolling Thunderlight. Here we find Winnipeg producer Jordan Thomas splashing the proverbial paint onto the creative canvas, restlessly jumping from idea to idea and sound to sound. What remains after the synaesthetic flurry is a slideshow of post-Dilla sketches, old school Adult Swim bumps, and head-nodding leftfield grooves.

released April 19, 2019

Written / Performed / Produced by Jordan Thomas
Mastering / Artwork by Anthony Pandolfino
Photography by Mathew Bishop
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