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Erreth-Akbe - Lantern Swathed, A [Fantasy Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 6/17/22)

Erreth-Akbe - Lantern Swathed, A [Fantasy Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 6/17/22)

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CD release of the newly remastered version of the critically acclaimed 2022 Erreth-Akbe album A Lantern Swathed, printed with a gloss finish on a full art four-panel superpack CD.

Celebrated by Robert Newsome as an album that is "cinematic in scope", where "layers of synthesizers using multiple voices ... overlap and entwine to create a towering effect", Erreth Akbe's A Lantern Swathed has certainly been a wild success for the artist, and for dungeon synth as a genre.

Newly remastered at Raydon Studio through Barrow Hoard Records.

Music By Kelsey
Logo by Simon Chepinoha -
Cover art by Jack Gaughan -
Field recording on track seven by cupido-1 on FreeSound
Big drum samples are from Erang's Sample Pack:

Thank you to my kindred spirit Evergreen, Jenn the sorceress of synth, and Nick the beautiful and wise, who have all supported this project and inspired me immensely. Thank you to my wife, the guildies, and the homies.

released June 17, 2022
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