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Equip - Cursebreaker X [Vaporwave] (100% Electronica - Vinyl - 8/30/19)

Equip - Cursebreaker X [Vaporwave] (100% Electronica - Vinyl - 8/30/19)

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FROM the mind who brought you “I Dreamed of A Palace In The Sky” and Synthetic Core 88 comes a whole new adventure!
After equipping a sketchy blade, Equip starts transforming... into a demon!
The only way to restore Equip’s humanity is by uniting the evil sword with it’s pure half to form the CURSEBREAKER- the ultimate blade. Can Equip unite the Sanguine Edge with the Lightbringer before the clock strikes midnight?
Time is running out!

released August 30, 2019

Thank you to Bani-chan, Keith, George, Lindsey, Marc, James, Tech, Ben, Angel, d'Eon, Luke, Ryan, Breanda, Alice, Cheryl, Rocky, Irv, Joe, and Bennie Mann.
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