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Elyvilon - Drums in the Deepwood [Forest Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 5/20/22)

Elyvilon - Drums in the Deepwood [Forest Synth] (Barrow Hoard - CD - 5/20/22)

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They say that in those long-harbingered days of distant decline, when the edges of the map creep back in around us and all is wreathed in that deepest of fog... when every hovel of man and scar upon the land has been subsumed back into the mossy ground, and when the sun's mist-strewn rays are estranged to the realm of dirt and pine needles, held at bay by the bold branches of those great trees that have taken root around our fickle human knowing... that when all sojourns are complete, all wrongdoings put to rest, and when the sleeplike silence of forgetfulness, oblivion drowns out the chatter of life... that there, in the Deepwood, the great ringing of unfathomable trumpets will again be known, and the Questing Soul will awaken anew.

released May 20, 2022

All tracks written and performed on synthesizer by Elyvilon, in some misty corner of the Deepwood. Mixed and mastered at Raydon Studio. Cover art by David Thiérrée, and adapted by the mysterious specter that dwells in Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old. Special thanks to Runesong for Finnish language lessons, lyrics, and lore. Dedicated to the unending wonder that my Grandmother's tales were able to instill into world, and the folks of Melkor's dungeon most vile.
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