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Del S. Pleaux - Cave [Dungeon Synth] (Tape - Engraven - 2024)

Del S. Pleaux - Cave [Dungeon Synth] (Tape - Engraven - 2024)

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NAC ferric tape + 8-panel foldout j-cards + norelco case.
Dubbed, printed, assembled, and proliferated by hand in the dungeon.
Hand-numbered and limited to x25 copies.

"The dreams of grandeur
And of love (unspoken),
Are torn away by the cold foundation
On which you lie.
You awaken to a dark place,
A place where the dead no longer worship.
As your vision clears,
There is one outstanding monument
Of note.
A lonely cave."

Del S. Pleaux's debut album descends into the titular cave, a darkly romantic, deliriously bittersweet, and enigmatic journey comprising dungeon synth moods, ambient exploration, and fantasy peril. With immersive field recording-driven atmospherics, unexpected chordal and compositional turns, and a unique sound palette, Cave is a singular expression of intrepid, dark music.

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All music: Del S. Pleaux
Mastering, layout design, and physicals manifested by Apoxupon

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