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Dead Lincoln - Blind Fibers [Drone Ambient] (Self-Released - Tape - 3/25/19)

Dead Lincoln - Blind Fibers [Drone Ambient] (Self-Released - Tape - 3/25/19)

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"Finally, someone wrote the music as if specifically for our Meticulous midgets label ! And the American Teresa Flores, who lives in Austin, Texas, did it. Her project Dead Lincoln has existed since 2009, and during this time he has already recorded several very distinctive recognizable albums in the style of minimalistic ambient electronics. A characteristic feature of the new album Blind Fibers there is a kind of "molecular music", as if created at some cellular level, as a story about something very tiny, but nevertheless significant and living its own independent life. Listening to these melodies, associations with diffuse macro-processes or many times reduced cosmic models of cartoon universes and planetary systems come to mind. We think that if music boxes were invented today, they would sound exactly like this!)"

-Meticulous Midgets Magazine

released March 25, 2019
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