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Darksky.Curse - Darksky.Exe / Darksky.Crypt [Chiptune Synth] (Realm & Ritual - Tape - 3/13/20)

Darksky.Curse - Darksky.Exe / Darksky.Crypt [Chiptune Synth] (Realm & Ritual - Tape - 3/13/20)

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Darksky.Curse is the chiptune-laced Dungeon Synth project of prolific US composer John Halcyon (Eishalle, Majesty of Oceans, Time Unveiled). Realm and Ritual are proud to present a discography cassette featuring “Darksky.Exe” and “Darksky.Crypt”. This is the second printing of the long sold out “Darksky.Exe” and the first ever physical release of Darksky.Crypt. Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies, each cassette will feature a reversible J-Card to allow display of your preferred album cover.

Both albums pay homage to early text-based RPGs and dungeon crawlers.“.Exe” focuses on sword and sorcery themes, with it’s soft lo-fi fantasy soundtrack providing the perfect background to exploring castles on a humming cathode ray tube monitor. “.Crypt” offers a slightly more sinister take on the chiptune sound, creepily guiding the listener through a perilous underground world.

Pre-orders for cassettes will be available on 3/13/20 @ 12:00PM EST. Orders will ship on 3/27/20.

released March 13, 2020
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