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Båvingr - Warrior Bard [Dungeon Synth] (Infinite Tapes - Tape - 3/15/19)

Båvingr - Warrior Bard [Dungeon Synth] (Infinite Tapes - Tape - 3/15/19)

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My debut album - initially available on a white tape, or 10 gold tapes (select from options)

History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created.

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released March 15, 2019

All music written and produced by Båvingr, August 2018 - January 2019 CE.
Made with Bitwig, mainly using the Korg M1 VST ("dungeon synth in a box") other VSTs include Korg Wavestation, Sonatina percussion, Sample Science Player

Hails to:
Burgen, Deorc Weg, Fiendish Imp, Necrocachot, Normakk, Örnatorpet, Oxnaforda Magister, P.I.T., Sidereal Fortress, Tarkin Turfer, Taur Nu Fuin, Umbría, Wayfarer, Woodland Cosmonaut, Zundmarazkhulshilkîn
Special thanks to Canto Críptico & Relo.
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