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Båvingr - Bytecirce [Dungeon Synth] (Infinite Tapes - Tape - 8/21/19)

Båvingr - Bytecirce [Dungeon Synth] (Infinite Tapes - Tape - 8/21/19)

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Tape edition of the "Bytecirce" EP, which in turn is an 8 bit chiptune version of my "Bycirce" EP! Cover art is "The Sorceress" by J.W. Waterhouse, jiggered with the 8bit Photo Lab app.
PLEASE NOTE - unlike the "Bycirce" tape, this does not include the "Tintagel" tracks, the tape has "Bytecirce" on BOTH SIDES.

This is a chiptune version of by EP "Bycirce" - no new music was composed for this release. I copied my original MIDI files, quantized them and replaced the instruments with a Nintendo soundfont. A Casio VL VST was also used for some lead & piano sounds.

released August 31, 2019

All music composed by Båvingr 2018, new production August 2019.
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