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Assorted Potions - iii [Comfy Synth] (Engraven - Tape - 11/10/23)

Assorted Potions - iii [Comfy Synth] (Engraven - Tape - 11/10/23)

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NAC super ferric tape + paper labels + clamshell case + trapsheet & insert. Dubbed, printed, and assembled by hand in the dungeon.
Dubbed, printed, assembled, and proliferated by hand in the dungeon.
Hand-numbered and limited to x50 copies.
Originally released at Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights 002: Threadmage's Autumnal Ball.

"An Enemy of Evil’s Grasp
The friendly Mage returns at last
Reflecting on his Magick Path
Equipped with Garb and glowing Staff
Underneath the Moonlight’s Veil
He offers us eclectic Tales …"

The Threadmage returns home with tales, gifts, and experience gained. Blending fantasy and nostalgia into the comfy sounds of Assorted Potions, the journey reaches its grandest heights yet before softly landing upon its most tender moments.

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All Musick crafted by The Threadmage
Artwork done by Thaumaturge Artworks
Mastering by Anthony Pandolfino

Thanks once again for the continued support, I truly can't emphasize how much it means to me. Fare Thee well on your Heroic Journeys!
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