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Assorted Potions - ii [Comfy Synth] (Tape II - Engraven - 2023)

Assorted Potions - ii [Comfy Synth] (Tape II - Engraven - 2023)

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NAC super ferric tape + paper labels + 3-panel j-cards + norelco case.
Dubbed, printed, assembled, and proliferated by hand in the dungeon.
Hand-numbered and limited to x50 copies.

"And so once more, our friendly Mage
Soldiers on his perilous Way
To defeat Evil in any Form
With Magick and Knowledge of clandestine Lore
Will he emerge with Vict'ry in Hand
Or lose his Potions to nefarious Plans?"

The Threadmage's adventures continue! Whimsical songs and comfy tunes stream forth from his staff with all the enthusiasm of a mage who has never known an empty mana bar.

Follow and support Assorted Potions at the artist's page:

All Musick crafted by The Threadmage
Artwork, Layout, and Logo by Lindsay Womack
Mastering / Design by Apoxupon

Dedicated once again to those who are navigating their own Hero's Journey. Thank you so much for your support!

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