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Archana - Tablet from the Taiga [Dungeon Synth] (CD - Engraven - 2023)

Archana - Tablet from the Taiga [Dungeon Synth] (CD - Engraven - 2023)

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Color printed disc with 16-page booklet featuring story in a jewel case. Painstakingly designed and professionally manufactured.

"As Vinssien reached the highest plateau, he scanned the distance and saw what no one else could: a flattened shelf atop the valley, High-Cliff, the keep of Vra’Axuul."

An ill-fated march through the Direwood and into the Unhewn Tors mountains, in search of the ice wyrm menace, Vra'Axuul, The Swift. The frosty northern wilderness of Dunhilm is explored through somber, ethereal dungeon synth and dream-like medieval ambience.

Featuring the story:
In the Halls of Relics
Volume Two
Tablet from the Taiga
A Story of Annuin, The Tempest Realms

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E.D. Owens - Guitars, Synths, Production
J. Sjölin - Mastering
A. Pandolfino - Artwork

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