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Amn - Lands of Intrigue [Dungeon Synth] (Engraven - CD - 11/10/23)

Amn - Lands of Intrigue [Dungeon Synth] (Engraven - CD - 11/10/23)

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Color printed disc with 4-panel folder in a jewel case. Professionally manufactured.

"The Lord of Murder shall perish
But in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny
Chaos will be sewn by their passage

So sayeth the wise Alaundo"

From campfires along the Coast Way, down to nefarious underground laboratories, all the way up to the far out cosmos, Amn explore the titular intriguing lands of the Sword Coast through space and time. Mysterious, astral Berlin School mixes with dungeon synth both heroic and mournful in this genre classic.

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Conceived / Arranged / Performed / Engineered by Amn
Mastered by Anthony Pandolfino

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