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Alloch Nathir - Emerald Grotto, The [Forest Synth] (Engraven - CD - 10/9/23)

Alloch Nathir - Emerald Grotto, The [Forest Synth] (Engraven - CD - 10/9/23)

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Color printed disc with 8-page booklet in a jewel case. Professionally manufactured.

"A weathered wooden sign stood in tatters outside the abandoned hut. A simple message was splayed across its surface, a clear warning clearly unheeded by many never seen again:

A glorious, captivating trek through mysterious woodlands. Peaceful trails and melodic forest synth scenery gives way to foreboding danger, reflective ambience, and darker, subterranean dungeons.

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released October 21, 2022

Music by Alloch Nathir
Production by E.D. Owens and Alloch Nathir
Mastering and Artwork by Anthony Pandolfino
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