TMDSN003: Dark Solstice (12/8/23)

Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights
003: Dark Solstice
Mortwight / Moon Presence / Ravnblod
Friday December 8th 2023
Doors 6:00PM | Show 8:00PM
$15 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX

2023's close draws near, and night has conquered day; celebrate the end with us for the third manifestation of Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights: Dark Solstice. Two northern Texas allies join a local stalwart to conjure dungeon incantations dark enough to drive the daylight away for good.

From Denton comes Mortwight, whose fog-choked and funereal live sets conjure processions of the marching dead ambling over ancient battlefields and ferry rides down the Styx. Manifesting utmost despair in support of Militant Melancholia and Stygian Facades, proliferations releasing through the Attic Shrines and Engraven imprints, respectively.

Ravnblod, esteemed local purveyor of black metal arts through the longstanding RedRiverFamily label, opens the year's funeral proceedings, followed by the haunted, astral drones of Dallas' Moon Presence. Manifesting utter darkness in support of their latest collaborative split release through the RRF imprint. / / /
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