TMDSN002: Threadmage's Autumnal Ball (11/10/23)

Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights
002: Threadmage's Autumnal Ball
Assorted Potions / p k g d / Lost Tales / Apoxupon
Friday November 10th 2023
Doors 6:00PM | Show 8:00PM
$15 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX

At Fall's Midpoint do we congregate
With Magickal Friends to celebrate
The opening of another Portal
To a World brand new to mere mortals
As the News decrees, I am privileged to say:
The Tiny Minotaur is here! hooray!

The Threadmage delights with a whimsical Assorted Potions performance, featuring long, white bearded hair, comfy and fantasy synth tunes, and probably a cover of either your favorite, second favorite, or least favorite song of all time. Among his wares are two new issues of Assorted Potions on tape, proliferated and released by Engraven.

The Tiny Minotaur Tavern's very own beloved bard, Stevie, puts down the lute and steps behind the synth for the first live performance of his dungeon synth project, p k g d. What new dimensions to his music will be unlocked by this synthetic foray?

The night begins with an opening set from resident Proliferator of Sound, Apoxupon, followed by the very first live performance of Lost Tales, the fantasy synth duo featuring Apoxupon and the wandering minstrel, Frotlo. Among their wares are new editions of the first Lost Tales release, An Old Wizard's Secrets, freshly released on tape and CD through Engraven. /
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