TXDS: Ravnblod

Our next featured artist for Texas Dungeon Siege 2024 is Austin’s own Ravnblod.

Ravnblod is an entity shrouded in mystery, one who practices a most frightening form of dark and ritual ambient music. The haunting spectacle of their first live ritual at the Tiny Minotaur best conveys this: a figure encloaked in black cloth, bathed in red light and enveloped by fog, solemnly draws harrowing sounds out of a towering, bespoke stringed instrument. Ravnblod is like a grim-faced psychopomp, wordlessly leading the listener through the misty forests of loss, down the paths known only to the spirits, each step bringing the weary seeker closer to the lands of the dead…

Know, o reader, that you may never understand, but you will never forget.



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