TXDS: Hexpartner

Our third featured artist for TXDS 2024 is HTX's own Hexpartner

With soaring operatic vocals and an arsenal of acoustic and digital sounds, Houston’s Hexpartner, masterminded by the inimitable Grace Pham, will be crafting incantations at this year’s Texas Dungeon Siege. Hexpartner’s self-titled LP from 2023 combines lush dungeon synth motifs with the emotionality of neoclassical darkwave. A newer act in the greater fabric of Texas Dungeon Synth, the output already released is nothing short of extraordinary. Otherworldly timbres and beautifully haunting melodies make this project a must-listen. After performing at The Tiny Minotaur in January of 2024, the Siege is privileged to have Hexpartner return for another night of Magicking.



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