TXDS: Hermit Knight

Our next featured TXDS 2024 artist could only be that most lonesome wanderer, Hermit Knight.

We are pleased to welcome a project that is one of the most active in the American dungeon synth scene (their membership in the Great Lakes Dungeon Synth collective being merely one accolade HK can pin on their chest). Hermit Knight is a practitioner of fantastic synth music that is heroic yet melancholic, driven forward by triumphant percussion yet pleading and earnest in its somber majesty. Hermit Knight looks outward to the quest and the road ahead, but also within the heart of the knight errant, to those moments of doubt, weariness, and isolation that define our interior struggles. Through the use of his brand of emotional fantasy synth music, Hermit Knight gives expression to the internal turmoil of dealing with bipolar disorder, using music to find a voice where language fails. Join us for Hermit Knight’s first festival appearance at Texas Dungeon Siege 2024.



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