TXDS: Alder Deep

"Do not enter Alder Deep lightly."

With our next featured TXDS artist, we disregard sage warnings and venture down into the fathomless depths with the live dungeon noise master, Alder Deep.

A veteran of multiple Sieges and Skirmishes, Alder Deep's incomparable brand of manifested darkness has been haunting the US live dungeon synth scene since the very beginning. Forging bleak, hopeless DS melodies to cavernous, suffocating soundscapes of noise processing and broken, subterranean rhythms, the deep dweller unleashes swirling sets of controlled chaos that simultaneously drown listeners in oppressive darkness while guiding them towards the faint glow of light ahead.

"A magnificent treasure is rumored to rest in the deepest darkness, but be warned - you will not be alone in the murky passages..."

Find the treasure or surrender to the abyss forever with us at the inaugural Texas Dungeon Siege, May 3-5 in Austin, TX.



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