Shadowrun Nites 2 (1/26/24)

Shadowrun Nites 2
Black Magic Cyborg
Friday January 26th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 8:00PM
$15 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX


The call came from inside the club! The Tiny Minotaur Shadowrun Nites are paid a visit by Austin's infamous horror synth slasher, Black Magic Cyborg. Practicing in the old ways of John Carpenter, BMC creates spine-tingling retro analog synth music that recalls the unceasing drum machine kicks, syncopated bass sequencing, icy, minimal pads, and sharp, tense melodies of the master's best soundtrack work. The Black Magic Cyborg doesn't feel, doesn't care, doesn't even want; but it needs to chill you to the bone. Pick up the phone. Answer its call.

While they aren't enthralled by their cybernetic visitor's live performance, patrons can move their bodies to cyberpunk DJ sets featuring bangers from the realms of retro/horror synth, dark/synthwave, and ebm/post-punk in the Elven Temple. Supposedly, some adventurers in the dungeons below have been having difficulty exploring through so many cobwebs accrued over eons -- help the party out by dancing hard enough to rock the ground and shake them loose!

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