Other Worlds I (1/19/24)

Other Worlds I
Proxy Merchants / eternal OM / The Couchbound
Friday January 19th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 7:00PM
$15 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX


The Rift is like an unstable hallway of ever-opening doors, each one leading to/from a different, odd realm. Join us at the Tiny Minotaur for our new monthly series of ambient, new age, and drone live performances, where we will invite travelers from these unknown planes to step through the portal glow and share with us the sounds of their Other Worlds.

The first mysterious forms to manifest from dimensions without are none other than Austin's own Proxy Merchants. Organizers of that realm's Biannual Beats live electronic music shows -- currently hosting the Voltage at Volstead and EMP at Batch monthly series -- these Merchants are well versed in the ply of strange, interplanetary sounds. With an array of modular hardware before them, the duo will chart a course through galaxies of cosmic drones and squelching electronics.

Together, they are the symbiotic Proxy Merchants, but atomized they are The Couchbound and eternal OM. They will each perform solo sets harnessing the deep ambience and harmonic textures of their distant homeworlds, warming up the circuitry of their analog synthetics in preparation to transmit the combined Proxy signal.


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