Lovers & Lonely Hearts (2/16/24)

Lovers & Lonely Hearts
Assorted Potions
Friday February 16th 2024
Doors 6:00PM | Show 8:00PM
$15 | 21+
at The Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX

For the Day of Saint Valentine
To celebrate Lovers intertwined
A soiree at The Minotaur who is Tiny
To sing for Romantics, yearning and pining
Come Lovers and Loved, how adored art thou
Stand in the sights of Cupid's Bow
Let the Threadmage provide Ambience for the Night
And perhaps you'll find new Love that suits you just right ...

The Rift discerns not between the loved and unloved when it opens itself to interdimensional travelers, and the Tiny Minotaur Tavern certainly makes no distinction between the two in its drink service (on any given night it could be either the former or latter who needs a Golden Wyvern most). On this night closely following that which is marked by consumerist affection, we celebrate Love -- the real thing, not the one that makes you obligated to spend, but the one that makes you feel close to the people around you.

Who better to host this celebration of communal Love than the Threadmage, that familiar face and friend to all patrons of the Tavern? Donning the wizard's garb and tapping into a set list spanning the original fantasy synth compositions of the Assorted Potions trilogy as well as equal measures of everyone's(?) favorite adult contemporary cuts covered in the comfy synth style, there's sure to be something to make everyone sing so hard so they cry or cry so hard they sing.
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