THEDUNGEON: Autumnal Ball Inventory Add / ENGRAVEN: New Release & Reissues


For stuffing your gourd

Amn - Lands of Intrigue (Engraven - Tape + CD)
Assorted Potions - II (Engraven - Tape)
Assorted Potions - III (Engraven - Tape)
Black Pestilence - Chaotic Wisdom (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Calignosia - What Has Risen May Sink, and What Has Sunk May Rise (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Eternal Kerberus - Magic Realm (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Forgotten Relic - Acolytes of the Cloakbearer (Self-Released - Tape)
Garden Gnome - Phegnomenology of Spirit (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Ithildin - Arda's Herbarium Vol. V (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Lost Tales - An Old Wizard's Secrets (Engraven - Tape + CD)
Magic Hilt - Chronicle of the Bellringer (Realm & Ritual - Tape)
Narbaiz - Batzordearen Deialdia (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Slaves for Architecture - From the Bronze Age (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)
Wands of the Minor Arcana - Into the Gloaming Isle (Voices of the Ainur - Tape)

Now available on the site ( and in the shoppe (at the Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX)!


New Release (Engraven - EGVN014):

Assorted Potions - III

"An Enemy of Evil’s Grasp
The friendly Mage returns at last
Reflecting on his Magick Path
Equipped with Garb and glowing Staff
Underneath the Moonlight’s Veil
He offers us eclectic Tales …"

The Threadmage returns home with tales, gifts, and experience gained. Blending fantasy and nostalgia into the comfy sounds of Assorted Potions, the journey reaches its grandest heights yet before softly landing upon its most tender moments.

All Musick crafted by The Threadmage
Artwork done by Thaumaturge Artworks
Mastering by Anthony Pandolfino

Clamshell DIY Tape: NAC super ferric tape + paper labels + clamshell case + trapsheet & insert. Dubbed, printed, and assembled by hand in the dungeon.


Assorted Potions - II (Clamshell DIY Tape)

"And so once more, our friendly Mage
Soldiers on his perilous Way
To defeat Evil in any Form
With Magick and Knowledge of clandestine Lore
Will he emerge with Vict'ry in Hand
Or lose his Potions to nefarious Plans?"

The Threadmage's adventures continue! Whimsical songs and comfy tunes stream forth from his staff with all the enthusiasm of a mage who has never known an empty mana bar.

Lost Tales - An Old Wizard's Secrets (Tape & CD)

"In dusty tomes I found all the knowledge existence had to offer, but they could not tell me what it meant to exist; for that, I had to delve beyond all the leather bound between its clasps."

Trials and tribulations of the most arcane order. Crystalline bells, magical fx, and absorbing atmospheres abound in this fantasy synth tale of a wizard's life, all tragedy, redemption, and endless spells.

Amn - Lands of Intrigue (Tape & CD)

"The Lord of Murder shall perish
But in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny
Chaos will be sewn by their passage

So sayeth the wise Alaundo"

From campfires along the Coast Way, down to nefarious underground laboratories, all the way up to the far out cosmos, Amn explore the titular intriguing lands of the Sword Coast through space and time. Mysterious, astral Berlin School mixes with dungeon synth both heroic and mournful in this genre classic.

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